Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

The Breast Light Screening Device Using Notice.

Checking period:after or before menstruation 3days 

Checking methods: 

1.Position :stand. 

1.Space : Keep the checking space as dark as possible. 

3.COZING-XS01 probe should close to the skin and under the breast, while adjust the lamp brightness.

4.Check the breast back and forth three times, it`s mainly observe the breast with or without abnormal shadow, the blood vessels whether disorders,

5.Self test standing position:First look at the appearance of breast whether has any difference, and then view it from the lower quadrant of the breast palpation in a clockwise direction. Check whether the lump focus, check the lump, size, activity and the surface is smooth: Finally, check the axillary, to check the axillary nodes whether enlarged.