Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

COZING-QLX01 prostate massager using notice

                                                           COZING-QLX01 using notice :

Please notice that, it is only suit for the non CHRONIC NON-BACTERIAL prostatitis caused problems, if used for the BACTERIAL prostatitis, the bacterial will spread the whole body. even your use the other kinds prostate massager , BACTERIAL prostatitis CAN`T be used also, you will face the same symptoms. please use the anti infections treatment in advance, then use prostate treatment instrument.

  1. Follow the instruction manual strictly .                                                               

  2.  Each treatment time is 45mins, no interval , 10 days as one course of the treamtent, then interval 3 days , then begin the next course of the treatment.                                       

  3. If one course of the treatment is recovered, we suggest use this device at least 3 course of the treatment.                                                                       

  4. After the treatment take one couple of purified water , to help the body metabolism .  5. If no urination frequency problems anymore, you shall use it in 3 course of the treatment . Each course of the treatment, please interval 3 days . It`s no side effect ,  it`s positive clinical trail proved.

    5.  Please strictly follow the using process , otherwise, you will suffer the electric shock, it`s relevant with the      working priciple. Before the using, let`s the device turn on, then stick the electrode pad to the skin;after the treatment ; if you don`t want to use it,  then take off the electrode pad in advance, then turn off the device. 

If you still have no idea how to use the prostate theray device, please check the video, please check  ( please noted, if use this device , the electronic pad should close to the skin tightly. Video only show the position) , and strictly follow video. Otherwise, you will suffer the electric shock (due to the device working principle)