Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

Laser Therapy Cerebral Palsy Treatment Protocol

As a syndrome with brain damage caused by various diseases, cerebral palsy has the main clinical manifestation of dyskinesia, especially paralysis and spastic paralysis.


Generally, choose these acupoints as Huantiao, Yanglingquan and Weizhong in the Jiaji or both lower limbs. Irradiation therapy for cerebral palsy is the same as it for sciatica.


According to a Japanese medical expert(namedあさくよしみ), 41 cerebral palsy patients were treated with semiconductor laser.


After treatment, 8 of 12 patients had an average increase by 0.25L/min for the blood flow of common carotid artery; Dynamic ECG observation showed that 8 of 12 patients had an increase for the high frequency components from parasympathetic nerve after irradiation. From electromyography, the discharge of flexor muscles increased after irradiation, and this made it much easier to hold things.