Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

Laser Therapy Sciatica Treatment Protocol

As a common peripheral nerve disease, sciatica is the pain of sciatic nerve and its spreading area. It can be divided into primary sciatica and secondary sciatica. While the former is related to cold, dampness, injury and infection, the latter is caused by mechanical compression and adhesion due to the pathological changes of adjacent tissues, such as lumbar disc protrusion, joint and pelvic diseases, lumbosacral soft tissue damage, etc.


1.Semiconductor Laser Therapy

Laser radiates along such sciatic nerve tenderness points as lumbosacral region, buttocks, popliteal fossa, and lateral malleolus of lower leg, with a power of 300~350mW. Each point receives an irradiation of 3 minutes, once a day, 10 times as a course of treatment.


523 sciatica patients were treated by a Japanese medical expert(namedしろさんかずゆき) with semiconductor laser. 34.4% of them got remarkable therapeutic effect , 46.3% of them got a certain therapeutic effect ,14.3% got a slight effect, 4.8%  remained unchanged and 0.2% didnt get any better from the therapy. The total effective rate reached to 80.7%. The chosen treatment points exceed 100.


2.He-Ne or Semiconductor Laser Acupoint Irradiation Therapy

Choose these acupoints as Huantiao, Yanglingquan and Weizhong, and irradiate each of them for 10minuts once a day, 7-10 times as a course of treatment with a wavelength of 632. 8~650nm and an output power of 10mW.