Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

Is there is any side effect for the blue light therapy?

Blue light treatment have already widely used in the clinical and hospital . normally we said it is the photodynamics. 

If used in the beauty :blue light technology has been used in everything from high-speed networking to headlamps, and has even found its way into a wide variety of medical applications and devices, as well.

How Blue Light Technology Works

Among its many other uses in various lighting applications, blue light is harmful to one of the bacteria that can cause acne, Propionibacterium Acnes. These bacteria, also known as P Acnes, cause skin inflammation, but thankfully the bacteria is very sensitive to blue light.

Using blue light can eradicate the P Acnes bacteria, which are normally found in the oil glands of the skin. Additionally, the added benefits of infrared light that can be obtained through the use of home blue light devices can help in causing the oil glands of the skin to shrink with treatment. Shrinking oil glands produce less oil, and less oil means less bacteria.

Is there any side effect of the blue light therapy ? 

A: The blue light may darken the skin, the Pigmentation is mainly caused by ultraviolet rays of 300-400 nanometers, as we all know the blue led light is 400-480nm, that  means most of the  light concentrated in that band, but still has a little light wavelength band is 300-400nm. so blue light also has an effect on melanocytes. Blue light can increase the volume of melanocytes, lengthen dendrites, and enhance the activity of intracellular tyrosinase. Therefore, under long-term, long-term, and multiple irradiation, it can promote the synthesis of melanin, resulting in mild darkening of the skin.