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How do the laser treatment the oral ulcer ?

How do the laser treatment the oral ulcer?

Oral ulcer is a common oral mucosal ulcer disease, its prevalence is as high as 20%, ranking first in oral mucosal diseases, ranking third in oral diseases after rickets and periodontal disease. The oral health standards set by the World Health Organization are: tooth cleaning; no caries; no pain; normal gum color; no bleeding. According to some surveys, the incidence of oral diseases in China accounts for 74% of the Chinese population. There are four common diseases: rickets, periodontal disease, gingivitis, and ulcers. The etiology of oral ulcers is complex and there are significant individual differences. There are many factors in the study, but they have not been unified, which may be the result of a combination of multiple factors. At present, the treatment of oral ulcers is extended by the local treatment combined with systemic therapy to shorten the interval, shorten the attack period and alleviate the condition. Among various treatment methods, laser has become a new type of light source developed in the past forty years, and has unparalleled characteristics of ordinary light sources: high brightness, monochromaticity, directionality and coherence.


The action of fiber on the surface of ulcer tissue can promote local blood circulation, improve blood viscosity, remove local accumulation of inflammatory cells, enhance cell metabolism, activate various enzymes, accelerate the proliferation of epithelial cells and fibroblasts, and accelerate collagen fibers. Hyperplasia, the result accelerates ulcer healing and shortens the course of treatment.