Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

2024 Oral Care Light Therapy System, laser Light Supports oral Health, strengthen gum tissues


Oral Care Light Therapy System, laser Light Supports oral Health, strengthen gum tissues


1,COZING-USBO4 Function:

Relief from canker sore pain

Promoting healing
Repair small oral wounds,irritation from Braces and mouth ulcers
Treat cold sores,Oral ulcers,Recurrent aphthous ulcers (RAU) and Traumatic ulceration


2,Learn more about Oral ulceration

Oral ulceration is quite complicated and diverse. In addition to some cases that can be attributed to local stimulus, including mechanical (sharp edges of residual root or crown, etc.), physical (thermal burns, etc.), or chemical (strong acid or alkali, etc.) factors, most oral ulcers occur due to the combination of both local and systemic causes.

Oral ulceration is characterized by the persistent defect or destruction in the integrity of the oral epithelium, accompanied by variable loss of the underlying connective tissue, resulting in a crateriform appearance. From the aspects of etiology, causes of oral ulcers are related to traumatic, infectious, allergic factors, and may be associated with skin disease, autoimmune disease, tumor, inflammatory bowel disease, and so on. However, the exact cause is unknown in some cases. For example, recurrent aphthous ulcers (RAU) may be caused by disturbed immune response, genetic predisposition, nutrient deficiency, oral trauma, anxiety or stress. None of these factors has been confirmed.From the aspects of morphological features, some oral ulcers manifest as typical clinical features. For example, RAU present as well demarcated, oval or round ulcers with a white or yellow pseudomembrane and a surrounding erythematous halo.Traumatic ulceration is easily diagnosed according to the location and the shape of ulcer corresponding to the stimulating factor. Tuberculosis ulcer is stellate with undermined edges and clear boundary . But there are many kinds of oral ulcers with no typical clinical features. From the aspects of difficulty degrees, some are easy to diagnose according to the typical clinical manifestations and medical history, such as RAU and traumatic ulceration.


3,What is the advantage of the COZING-USBO4?

1. Totally get rid of the main unit limited.

2. Easy to usage .

3. Portable and compact .

4. Only plug in, then the infrared laser will output automatically.

5.It can be powered by the portable power bank, adapter or computer.

6.The National patent protected 

4,What is low-level laser therapy and how does it work?

LLLT is a type of medical treatment that uses lasers or light-emitting diodes to stimulate cells in the body and promote healing. This treatment is sometimes referred to as cold laser therapy or soft laser therapy. It is used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including chronic pain and wound healing. LLLT has also been used to prevent or shorten canker sores outbreaks.

It works by delivering low levels of laser energy (usually in the range of 5–80 watts) to the target area, which is absorbed by the body’s cells.The cells then convert the energy into biochemical energy, which is used to repair damaged cells and stimulate the growth of new, healthy cells.

What the science says about LLLT

Many case studies that evaluate the effects on healing time, pain relief, duration of viral shedding, viral inactivation, and interval of recurrence show that although LLLT can’t completely eliminate the virus and its recurrence, it can decrease pain, time of outbreak, and the interval of recurrences without causing any side effects.It can be helpful in reducing severity of onset in the prodromal phase (before the lesion occurs), viral titer in the vesicle phase, and may assist with drainage and resolution in the crust phase.A major benefit of this laser therapy is that it can be combined with antiviral therapy and other topical lip ointments to further decrease chances of onset, duration time, severity, and associated pain.

5,What is the technical parameter of the COZING-USBO4?

Model Number



Combine the laser +led into one


650nm laser +660nm led

Power supply:

power bank, computer, phone charger, etc.

Max. Power 



Main unit with the USB wire*1+manual*1+gift box*1