Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

Care for your oral health LEDs therapeutic wavelengths reduce gingivitis and strengthen teeth targeted light


 Dermatologist-tested care for your oral health Powered by LEDs delivers therapeutic wavelengths


1,COZING-USBO3-2 symptoms:

Gums Toothache Relief

Gingivitis and periodontal problems

Bleeding Gums

Tooth pain or gums ache

Rejuvenate gum health

2,What is the advantage of the COZING-USBO3-2?

1. No side effect treatment

2. It can connect to the mobile/computer (3 jack as the options)

3. Promote Healing

4. Safe and Gentle

5. Convenient At-home Use

6.Portable and Compact design

3,How Does COZING-USBO3-2 Work?

The COZING USBO3-2 Oral Care Light Therapy System is using iPHONE, ANDROID, USB, USB-C CONNECTORS that Small, lightweight, at home oral healthy therapy, connects to most cell or usb devices and the LED mouth guard enhances gum healthy in 10-20 minutes per day.

NO BATTERIES or Recharging — Periodontitis Light never needs to be charged. Plug-in to your device for instant repair damaged gum tissue anywhere. Just put medical grade silicone gel in your mouth and plug-in for easy healthy gum on-the-go.

4,Red Light Therapy And Oral Care

Periodontitis is a cause of sensitive teethOver time, the gums can recede or pull away from the teeth, leaving the vulnerable nerve area exposed. When this area is no longer protected by the gums and is exposed to hot and cold temperatures, it can become extremely sensitive. In some cases, gingivitis (a mild form of gum disease) can contribute to gum recession when it progresses to a more serious stage called periodontitis, where the gums can become inflamed and red due to bacterial infection. This is where the gum tissue starts receding upward and away from the tooth, creating pockets where harmful bacteria can build up and cause infection and uncomfortable tooth sensitivity.

Given the ability of light at specific wavelengths to treat pain and repair damaged tissue in the body, it makes perfect sense that it would also be quite effective in treating gum recession, sore infected gum tissue and tooth sensitivity.



5,What Is The COZING USBO3-2 Oral Care Home Light Therapy ?

This innovative device uses red, infrared light to help reverse tooth sensitivity and improve gum health.

The COZING USBO3-2 device features (625 nm) and infrared (810 nm) light emitting diodes designed to improve the health of your gums and teeth in as little as 10 minutes per day. The device fits comfortably within the mouth where the healing LEDs bathe the upper and lower teeth and gums in stimulating, deep healing medical-grade light which helps to kill bacteria, reduce redness, reverse tooth sensitivity and calm inflammation by increasing circulation and stimulating the surrounding gum tissue. 


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