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Red Light Reduces Inflammation?


Its surprising just how many of us suffer from chronic infections on a weekly or monthly basis. While some may write it off as a part of life, inflammatory issues like this are not normal and need to be treated.

Suffering from recurring infections puts the skin in a state of constant inflammation, and in this state the body forms scar tissue rather than healing with normal healthy tissue. This disrupts the function of a body part forever, which is a major problem in areas like the genitals.

Whatever and wherever on the body you might be prone to these issues, it’s likely that red light therapy has been studied.


Red Light Reduces Inflammation?

Redness, soreness, itchiness and pain are typically linked to infections, as the immune system tries to defend against the aggressive microorganisms. The stress of this interaction on the local tissue contributes towards increased inflammation, which contributes to fungal growth. Many prescriptions and creams used for treating infections contain anti-inflammatory compounds like hydrocortisone. These can help the body to deal with the stress, but some say this just masks the underlying problem.

FIG 1. Graph summarising the short term effects of low dose 630-780nm red light on inflammation.(5)

Some studies on red light lead to the potential conclusion that it may actually help the body to deal with the metabolic causes of inflammation5, allowing cells to produce more ATP and CO2?through our normal respiration reaction. These products of respiration have a supposedly almost identical effect to anti-inflammatory



Some people think inflammation is a necessary part of the healing response to infections or injury, but it should be considered a symptom of the body not working correctly. This can be shown by how in the fetus of most animals, it’s normal for an injury to heal without any inflammation whatsoever, and even in childhood, inflammation is minimal and resolved quickly. It’s only as we age and our cells stop functioning properly that inflammation increases and becomes a problem.


Solving recurring & chronic yeast infections?

oral light therapy

Red light has been studied for oral candida issues

Many people experience relapses and recurrent infections, so finding a long term solution is crucial. Both of the above potential effects (healing without inflammation and sterilising the skin of harmful micro-organisms) of red light may lead to a downstream effect – healthier skin and better resistance to future infections.


Low amounts of candida/yeast are a normal part of our skin flora, usually causing no negative effects. Low levels of inflammation (from any cause) actually promote the growth of these yeast organisms specifically, and then the growth leads to more inflammation – a classic vicious cycle. The tiny increase in inflammation quickly esclatates into a full blown infection.