Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

Why we use the 96pcs laser diode in the COZING-C96?

Why we use the 96pcs laser diode in the COZING-C96?

As the clinical case feedback, the laser hair growth helmet with 96pcs laser diode is the best selection. The reason as following:

1. Functions:

the 650nm-660nm laser is purified the blood, thus treatment various diseases , and when the laser helmet stimulate the hair follicle, and accelerate the hair growth, it can also purified blood, it means it could also treatment and prevent some diseases which may caused the ischemic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

2. User group:

It means when the young person wear the helmet, it`s ok, but the old aged or middle aged weak person wear the helmet, they will feel headache , because the blood circulation is accelerated in the brain, but the vessel and the capillary may blocked, and it`s can`t be smooth very soon, so they  will feel headache. If the laser diode is over 96pcs, then the red cells  absorb the laser energy so soon, the old aged can`t bear it, and if the old aged insist to use it, it may cause the life dangerous.