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Prostate massage is an irreplaceable procedure for curing men’s diseases

Prostate massage is an irreplaceable procedure for curing men’s diseases

Prostate massage is an irreplaceable procedure for curing men’s diseases

The history of prostatitis massage dates back centuries ago and it was used in many cultures. Firstly, prostate massage used exceptionally in order to improve male’s potency. This technique gave men a chance to overcome aging and save sexual function throughout their lives. But after a while, it was clear that after the massage men felt relieved and often were absolutely recovered from any prostate pain.

What is the purpose of the prostatitis massage?

Since 1970s, urologists recommended that all men after forty years have to do the prostatitis massage in order to do prevention of the prostate inflammation. Nowadays the situation has changed and men are recommended to do prostate stimulation beginning from the age of thirty. The aim of the procedure is not only preventive, but also medical one.

In modern medicine, the massage is considered to treat the following list of diseases:

  • Chronic prostatitis

  • Prostate dysfunction

  • Male infertility

  • Lowering of male’s potency.

Also, the massage together with combine therapy is used as bph natural cure in order to reduce bph symptoms and helps to deal with enlarged prostate.


The major task of the prostate massage is to remove a stagnation from prostate. Prostate is an organ, which constantly excretes particular secretion, which is a viscous whitish liquid, into the urethra. When it happens that the liquid does not penetrate into the urethra and can not be removed, then an inflammatory process or prostatitis appears. Reasons of the stagnation can be different. It may be low sexual activity, undercooling of prostate, low physical activity, sedentary lifestyle or sexually transmitted diseases. Consequently, pathological microorganisms settles in the stagnant prostatic fluid and then causes a number of negative consequences:

  • Edema and swelling of prostate

  • Irritation of nerve endings

  • Strong ache

  • Lowering of sexual activity

  • falling of libido and lowering of testosterone level

  • acceleration of ageing process

  • weight gain

  • appearing of prostatitis

It follows that the accumulated liquid has to be removed from organism. And massage is believed to be the best way for treatment.

However, prior to doing a prostatitis massage, a proper diagnostics has to be done. It is important to appreciate a prostate condition and doctor-urologist has to identify its abnormal changes in the early stages. This allows to begin a timely treatment with quick and proper outcome.

Efficiency of prostate massage

This procedure has a number of positive effects for the prevention and therapy of the male sexual system:

  • It provokes removing of the inflammatory secretion, reduce edema and swelling of prostate and clear it from decomposition products.

  • It contributes significantly to the improvement in blood circulation in vessels, which leads to immunity improvement and the amount of oxygen increasing. This fact helps avoid appearing of the infection with viruses and bacterium.

  • It normalizes metabolic processes and enhances significantly nourishment of tissues. Due to this fact, the activity of sexual organ is boosted.

  • Because of the fact that prostate is regularly supplied with oxygen, male’s sexual activity is increased. And this ability does not disappear after finishing the massage therapy.

  • Prostate massage increases the effectiveness of medicaments.

  • Men’s general condition and well-being become significantly better.

The studies have shown that if prostate is regularly manipulated, medicaments availability is improved during the therapy. Consequently, combined prostate therapy increase significantly its efficiency.

Technique of prostate massage in clinics.

If a prostate massage is done properly, it does not have to be felt any unpleasant feelings. A prostate massage is usually done with aid of a finger, pushing it into anus in order to make a straight prostate stimulation. During a procedure a man has to lie. A patient should discuss the best position and peculiarities of his behavior with his doctor prior to doing a procedure. Time for the procedure is not regulated and may take several minutes. After putting a finger into anus, a doctor-urologist starts doing gradual massaging of right and left prostate part. Then a doctor conduct the movement along the middle of prostate in order to squeeze out a buildup of fluid into the ureter. Meanwhile a patient will feel a desire to urination. Usually, it is recommended to do prostate massage with full urinary bladder. It is linked to the importance of removing the prostate secretion out of urethra after finishing a massage.

Indications and contra-indications

It should be mentioned that prostate massage is not very pleasant procedure. However, it is rather useful and rewarding treatment so it worth enduring.

Most frequently, this therapy is prescribed men who suffer from:

  • Prostate stagnation.

  • Chronic noninfectious prostatitis.

  • Chronic bacterial prostatitis

  • Chronic pelvic pain symptom

  • Genetic predisposition

  • Decreased sexual activity and impotence, which is related to prostate dysfunction.

The following list of diseases can be treated with aid of the massage but only with carful observation and under thorough control of specialist:

  • Prostate adenoma or enlarged prostate

  • Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis

Prostate massage has the next contra-indications:

  • Acute form of bacterial prostatitis accompanied by severe pain.

  • Acute urinary retention.

  • Abscesses of the bladder’s glandular tissue.

  • Aggravation of prostatitis.

  • Prostate pain syndrome.

  • Malignant neoplasms and prostate cancer.

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease.

It is not recommended to do prostate massage in the presence at least one the contra-indications. In these cases, other methods of the prostate therapy are usually prescribed. It can be such methods like drug therapy, physiotherapeutic procedure or surgical operation.

If is it possible to do prostate massage on your own?

In order to do prostate massage at home you need to have a help of the close and reliable person, as a rule, the wife can do it. However, in this case you should have a practical experience so as to make this procedure possible. It is rather difficult to get by a finger into prostate’s location from the first. Apart from, without any regard for using gloves and other protection, while doing prostate massage some people can not overcome a feeling of shame and disgust.

Consequently, in order that this therapy can be done easier and more relaxing, it can be advised to use a massager. With the aid of the special massaging apparatus, it is possible to massage your own prostate without leaving your home. Long prostate massager is used for astimulation prostate to prevent and treat symptoms of prostate problems. Such a massaging apparatus is produced from organic silicone materials or latex, which vibrating tip affect prostate nerve endings, that is created effect which is similar to urological massage. The strategy of the massage with using massager and required hygiene is the same as when doing a transrectal massage in clinics.