Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

COZING-QLX02 ED treatment device using notice

How to use it 

Step 1: Turn on the power

Step 2: Select the time is 10 or 15mins

Step 3: Select the frequency.(please start from the

         low frequency)

Step 4: Put the penis into the treatment hole. You can assume

that hand is the whole penis . At this time, the treatment

bottle should inverted.

Step 5: press the on/off key which below the FREQUENCY, then the machine is working.

Step 6 Around 5 seconds later,  select the NP intensity , then short press the

button injection (which below the NP intensity)


 What`s the turn off the COZING-QLX02 notice? 

Situation 1:

When the treatment time is over, firstly take out of the penis , then put the treatment bottle stand, just like following images : 

Then keep the time still have around 10mins, then select the frequency, then short press the ON/OFF button(which below the frequency),and the treatment bottle water will enter the waste bottle automatically .

Situation 2 : If you want to pending the treatment, please turn off the frequency (short press the on/off button which below the FREQUENCY) and stop the injection(press the injection button again, it will stop the injection) in advance, then take out of the penis. Then proceed with the other operations .

Caution:------------If you don`t follow this step, your penis still stuck in the treatment bottle.(the negative pressure still working, it will suction the penis inside)