Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

What`s Laser Therapy watch side effect ?

Using the laser therapy device COZING-WS11 series and COZING-BQ01 series, some symptom may appear during the treatment. 

1)Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease may occur in deep fatigue、tiredness、drowsy、 it indicate that sick organs in adjusting, is acidic, poor liver function, dosage drugs too many or too tired will show this reaction. If this symptom appear, please adjust lower the laser power and shorten the treatment time, meanwhile, eat foods rich in vitamin C, fresh vegetables and fruits.

2) Dizziness、weakness、feeling hungry, which symptom is low blood sugar or anemia patient body conditioning produced this reaction. Please using it continuously , the situation will gradually improved , the body becomes more healthy.

This phenomenon is low blood sugar or anemia in vivo conditioning produced by the general reaction

3) Hands and feet numb, skin is itchy, this symptom is poor circulation, especially poor microcirculation, adjusting body function will produced this reaction, using a few times, with the gradual improvement of blood circulation, this phenomenon will gradually disappear.

4) More Coughing、sputum、transient asthma. This symptom is poor lung function, respiratory with chronic inflammation patients, proceed with body conditioning, and, detoxification , please don`t worried about that. 

5) a sudden pain in the affected area increased, this symptom is suffering from rheumatic pain, too much uric acid、 migraines、 old injuries、 neuralgia and other symptoms patients  who`s blood circulation improved, strengthen the perception of performance.

6) the face, slight edema of the feet, this symptom is poor lymphatic circulation, kidney function is not stronger appear this performance, using several times, with the improvement in physical function, this symptom will be eliminated.

7) blood pressure, blood sugar index, or heart rate increased temporarily, which are all the normal response for heart disease, hypertension, diabetes patients, you don`t need worried about that,  low-power short-term adjustable to start using and follow the doctors  advise and continue to take the dosage. 

8) Fever, mild nosebleeds, this symptom is common in lower immune function and the function of internal organs were uneven, indicating that the user body immunity is increased. Lymphocyte is eliminating the bacteria ; also indicate obese body fat into mature, low-power and short-term adjustable to start using, meanwhile, eat foods rich in vitamin C, fresh vegetables and fruits.