Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

The Newest Invention Intelligent Mobile Controlled Laser Light Helmet





User group:

1. Doctors, professor 

2. Researcher

3. End user: Such as ALzheimer and Parkinson patients , or mental problems

4. Hair loss or hair need growth etc

Version 1: The advantages of the New Bluetooth hair regrowth cold laser therapy helmet:

1. The frequency, power intensity, treatment time can be adjusted by the phone. 

2. Customized treatment protocol can be saved. 

3. Treatment history can be record and tracked . 

4. The newest wearable laser light cap , the 1st one in the international marketing. 

5. The newest item, huge potential marketing. 

6. Customized technical parameter is available. 

7. Treatment protocol data can be imported and exported .

8. The wavelength, output power intensity, frequency can be customized. 

Version 2: Remote controller controlled Brain Rehab. Helmet

The technical parameters  of the Brain Rehab. Hement:

1-Wavelength: 810 nm LED -

2-20,000 Hz can be adjusted --- 

3-the default frequency setting is 30Hz--the frequency data can not show on the display, but there are some buttons to adjust it. 

4- Duration: 0-30 minutes adjustable -

5.-The intensity of the LED: 25, 50, 75 or 100% can be adjusted, that is means 4 level can be adjusted . 

6- Remote controller ---wireless remote controller 

7-Total Max. output power :16W -

8-. Single LED max. output power: 50mW

9- Operation: It can be controlled manually or by remote controller. 

What's the indications of the New Bluetooth hair regrowth cold laser therapy helmet?

--It will be strong for ALzheimer and Parkinson.

--Chinese accupubncture

--Scalp perfusion

--Hair growth support

--Brain photobiomodulation

--Brainwave modulation


How to use it?

Way 1: by manual 

A. Just press ON/OFF button.

B. Wear the helmet on the head.

Way 2:

--Input the doctor treatment protocol which is doctor setting for you, only click the on/off button, the device will turn on automaticaly. 

--Or Only click on key , the device will has the laser output automatically (default treatment protocol inside the laser light cap)


1. If the order quantity is big, the app can be named as your brand or company name.

2. The doctors can setting different treatment intensity , treatment frequency according to the different customer demand.