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Rhinitis Treatment Nasal Laser Applicator

Model: COZING-USBN          



-Allergic rhinitis, Chronic rhinitis, Nasosinusitis, Atrophic rhinitis, Turbinate hypertrophy, kinds of rhinitis        patients

-Reducing High Blood Fat, Reducing High Blood Viscosity, adjuvant therapy and prevent the Ischemic              Cardio-Cerebrovascular disease.ect. 

-Treatment the drug addiction and drug addiction withdrawal symptoms. Improve the body immunity and          metabolism. And Improve the drug addiction recurrence symptoms , such as the tears, runny nose,                    yawning, sweating, hot and cold, restlessness, headache, insomnia, generalized pain, nausea, vomiting and      goose bumps etc.



COZING-USBN has usb interface, and can be used alone without connecting the main unit. It can be connected with computer/power bank /adaptor to use. COZING-USBN can treat rhinitis, sinusitis, reduce high blood pressure, drug addiction and drug addiction withdrawal symptoms, and recurrence symptoms.

How does laser treat rhinitis? 

1. The Rhinitis Therapeutic Instrument mainly adopts the special soft laser light (650nm) which can get through the nasal mucosa of the human body.

3. This kind of laser light has a special repair function to the nasal mucosa of the rhinitis patients. 

4. The repaired nasal mucosa could secrete antibacterial material including lysozyme as normal mucosa and restart the normal cleaning function of the swinging cilia on the nasal mucosa. 

5. Quickly remediate the wounded surface through irradiating the surface of the damaged mucous membrane

How does the COZING-USBN treat Hypertension?

It adopts 650nm low-level laser, the energy light can be absorbed by cells, to stimulates protein synthesis, help to clean blood vessel waste, improve oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells, accelerate blood circulation & human metabolism, reduce high blood viscosity, blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure.

Laser treatment addiction benifits:

The basic principle behind laser therapy in treating addictions is a simple one: the laser sends a signal to the brain to begin the immediate production of endorphins—the chemicals in the brain that help to body to relieve pain or fight cravings.

Function and Performance:

1. Reducing the blood viscosity;

2. Accelerating the blood circulation within the nasal tissues.

3. Enhancing local blood oxygen saturation,

4. Accelerating the absorption and metabolism of nasal tissue to inflammatory substances.

5. Eliminating and reducing the nasal obstruction caused by nasal swelling.

6. Promoting the secretion of lysozyme and phagocytes within the nasal mucosa,

7. Improving the immunization and sterilization function of the nasal mucosa.

8. Improving the nasal antivirus/germs ability and the antianaphylaxis ability.

9. Accelerating the convergence of the damaged nasal mucosa,

10. Repairing damaged blood capillary and prevent the regular nosebleed.

11. Accelerating and improving the swinging of cilia on the nasal mucosa.

12. Enhancing the nasal function and strengthening the detoxification ability of the nasal mucosa.

Clinical Result:

After about 30 mins irradiation treatment, blood-red cells will be activated, become single, active, healthy and normal.

After about 30 days of treatment, headache, dizziness, chest tightness, numbness tinnitus and other symptoms will disappear.

After about 3 months of treatment, you can do blood detect, or CT detect, high blood pressure, high blood viscosity, high cholesterol will get back to a normal level. Otitis Media deafness, tinnitus or Meniere's syndrome will have a big improvement.


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