Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

COZING Handheld red laser therapy for Beauty Collagen Boosting Instant Firming and Wrinkles Rechargeable


Handheld red laser therapy for Beauty Collagen Boosting Instant Firming and Wrinkles Rechargeable


1.COZING-T03C Function:

Whitening and lightening spots
Rejuvenating and removing wrinkles
Repairing damaged skin, smoothing small wrinkles,

Reducing pores, and promoting collagen production

User group:
Female and Male Consumers
Women Seeking Skincare
Young People
Middle-Aged and Elderly People

Beauty Enthusiasts

2.What are the advantages of COZING-T03C?
1,ACHIEVE YOUTHFUL SKIN -650nm*17pcs Red light works right in the dermis to promote enhanced collagen and elastin production. Notice improved skin elasticity and texture with regular red light treatments.
2,SMOOTH AND WRINKLE-FREE - Enhanced collagen production helps you maintain a smooth and wrinkle-free countenance. Fight the signs of aging caused by the sun or other factors within or beyond your control. Regular use of this device helps reduce nasolabial folds, forehead lines, and the like.
3,THE BENEFITS OF A FACELIFT - Another advantage of improved collagen production is skin tightening. With better skin elasticity, the facial skin is given an instant lift similar to the effects of a facelift procedure. Suitable for droopy or sagging skin caused by old age or premature skin aging.
4,2 OPERATING MODES - To help your skin adjust to light therapy, this red light wand device has 2 operating modes: continuous and pulsating. For beginners, choose the pulsating mode for quick bursts of light energy. Once your skin gets used to it, choose the continuous mode for prolonged exposure.

5,SAFE AND NON-INVASIVE - For your peace of mind, this device uses 17 LEDs to effectively deliver light energy.

3.LLLT for Skin Rejuvenation
Skin starts showing its first signs of aging in the late 20s to early 30s and it usually presents with wrinkles, dyspigmentation, telangiectasia, and loss of elasticity. LED which is a novel light source for non-thermal, non-ablative skin rejuvenation has been shown to be effective for improving wrinkles and skin laxity.

In a clinical study, 300 patients received LED therapy (650 nm) alone, and 600 patients received LED therapy in combination with a thermal-based photorejuvenation procedure. Among patients who received LED photorejuvenation alone, 90% reported that they observed a softening of skin texture and a reduction in roughness and fine lines ranging from a significant reduction to sometimes subtle changes. Moreover, patients receiving a thermal photorejuvenation laser with or without additional LED photomodulation reported a prominent reduction in post-treatment erythema and an overall impression of increased efficacy with the additional LED treatment.

4.How does the COZING-T03C handheld red light wand work?
Clinical scientific research has confirmed that at a specific frequency of light wavelength, light energy can stimulate skin cells to produce specific physiological functions. Low power LED (light-emitting diode) optical lighting can also provide sufficient energy to stimulate skin wound healing and repair damaged cells, especially red light has a significant effect on eliminating inflammation and anti-aging. LED red light can stimulate the activity of fibroblasts (fibroblast proliferation) and promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin. The differentiation of collagen and elastin can make the skin fairer and more elastic, resulting in a younger and brighter complexion. It can also promote aerobic respiration of the skin and aid in blood circulation. Therefore, accelerating cell metabolism and capillary blood circulation, reducing freckles and red blood streaks, accelerating the improvement of problematic skin and repairing skin after sunburn, has an undeniable effect on anti-aging.
NASA's medical experiments have shown that under red light irradiation in the wavelength range of 633-660nm, the production of collagen is increased by five times compared to the normal differentiation of human cells. Collagen can make the skin more elastic and also repair damaged cells. Therefore, the red light emitted by handheld 650nm LED wand can effectively improve skin roughness, fine lines, wrinkles and reduce acne inflammation.

5.Package List:

COZING-T03C Red light therapy for beauty*1

USB cable*1


Safety glasses*1