Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

COZING-T05 650nm+904nm Laser Therapy


650nm+904nm Laser Therapy



Product Indications:

• Body Pain Relief
• Ankle & foot
• Cervicothoracic, Shoulder and Upper Arm
• Elbow & Forearm
• Back Pain
• Head & Neck,Wrist and Hand
• Thoracic
• Lumbar & Abdominal

• Multiregional

• Orofacial & Dental
• Sacral, Pelvic, Hip and Thigh
• Knee & Lower Leg

• Arthritis

How do the Laser therapy pain?

*When it comes to chronic pain treatment and management, many patients have tried it all. From exercise to injections to surgeries, some chronic pain conditions may feel incurable.   

*COZING laser therapy is a non-invasive pain management technique that uses low-level laser therapy to reduce pain and inflammation.

*It is most commonly used for pain related to arthritis or sciatica. It’s been used in Europe for pain management for decades and has recently been used in home health care.

Technical Parameter:




1. The treatment process is painless, non-invasive, no trauma, green and safe.
2. Small in size, break through the characteristic of traditional technology products in bulky size.
3. Can be used wireless or connect to the electric source, easy to operate.
4. The power switch is equipped with safe spoon, new emergency switch, double insurance, safe and reliable.
5. The instrument handle is designed with hollow, easy to grasp, flexible in controlling.
6. The streamlined appearance and metallic probes.

What's the advantages for 904nm laser?

* Simple and often immediate analgesic effect at the time of treatment
* Dramatically shortened recovery time with rapid reduction of swelling and inflammation
* Non-invasive and quick treatment
Laser therapy is recognised and used worldwide for the treatment of numerous injuries in humans and animals. The 904 nanometer wavelength of the COZING-T05-904nm is especially effective in the treatment of:

* Lymphedema/lymphoedema
* Slow healing skin wounds
* Fibrous lesions
* Sprained and strained ligaments
* Tendon injuries
* Muscle soreness

Easy of Use:
The outstanding features of the COZING-T05-904nm are their strength and portability. The COZING-T05-904nm designed to be used as easily in the field as in the surgery.
The small portable package is hand-held with rechargeable batteries that give up to  hours of continuous use between charges,or the units can be operated from mains power.
The digital timer keeps track of the treatment time, and the audible beep confirms that the unit is working.

Laser for Wound Healing Mechanism of Action:

LLLT has a wide range of effects at the molecular, cellular, and tissue levels. The basic biological mechanism behind the effects of LLLT is thought to be through absorption of red and NIR light by mitochondrial chromophores, in particular cytochrome c oxidase (CCO) which is contained in the respiratory chain located within the mitochondria. This absorption of light causes photodissociation of nitric oxide (NO) which is an inhibitory effect on CCO (cytochrome C oxidase). Thus, when NO levels reduce ATP production/mitochondrial activity is enhanced and relevant intercellular signalling pathways ate activated which trigger cell proliferation, survival, tissue repair and regeneration.

Detail Images:

COZING-T05 Multifunctional, Portable, and Rechargeable:

Suitable for both Professional, Personal and Animal use; Pets, Dogs Horses. Total maximum power of 1200mW.