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2020 New Product 3L Home Use Small Portable Oxygen Device

Which group of the consumers could use COZING-OX05W portable oxygen generator ?
Special recommendation for 8 groups of potential consumers:
Corporate women: skin care, maintenance or skin nutrition and elasticity and reduction of sub-health status.
Elderly person: prolonging life, improving immunity, preventing disease, oxygen therapy.
Pregnant women: beneficial to the women and helpful to fetus development.
Businessman: relaxing physical and metal tension, improving physical ability, reducing sub-health status and improving work efficiency.
Students: improving remembrance, refreshing and reducing mental fatigue.
Workers: releasing fatigue, refreshing and increasing physical ability.
Patients: increasing the auxiliary treatment of Cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, diabetes and respiratory diseases.
Plateau tourism lovers: releasing the symptoms of lacking of oxygen on plateau. Mini oxygen plant resolves the oxygen supplement problem.

Note: This is a supplementary medical equipment and is not intended for serious disease or those who stay alive solely on medical oxygen.
Product details



Our Advantages
1. 24-hour oxygen production
2. Three-stage filtration
3. Efficient oxygen supply
4. Concise film button, simplified operating procedure
5. Portable and light
6. Energy efficient, Economical Consumption
7. Convenient earphone breathing apparatus
8. Low noise, mute motor, physical oxygen generation
9. Safely broad-spectrum, oxygen concentration satisfying varied demands
10. Ergonomic Design, harmonious airflow
Technical Parameters:
Purity Oxygen:
82%-93%, ±3% can be adjusted
Machine Dimension:
110V/60HZ, 220V/50HZ

What`s the functions of our portable oxygen generator design ?

1. Efficient oxygen supply
2. Concise film button, simplified operating procedure
3. Portable and light
4. Energy efficient, Economical Consumption
5. Convenient earphone breathing apparatus
6. Low noise, mute motor, physical oxygen generation
7. Safely broad-spectrum, oxygen concentration satisfying varied demands
8. Ergonomic Design, harmonious airflow
1. What`s the Sample time ?
A: 7 working days.
2. What`s the Mass production time?
A: Generally speaking, 30 days after the order is confirmed.
3. What`s your delivery company ?
A: The sample always delivery by DHL, FEDEX , EMS or TNT.
For the mass production, by sea or appointed logistic company is accepted.
4. What`s your Warranty ?
A: One year free warranty
5. If I meet any questions , during the selling or treatment?
A: You can contact us directly, the response will within 24 working hours.
6. How about OEM or ODM ?
A: It`s accepted ,the MOQ is 500pcs