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Portable Light Weight Rechargeable Battery Oxygen Concentrator 32W


Portable light weight rechargeable battery oxygen concentrator 32W


Star temperament & 10 advantages:

1.  Clean and oxygen: 29 +/- 2% concentration of life-level oxygen output

2.  Quick oxygen supply: instant oxygen supply, convenient and fast

3.  Simple and reliable smart design, and easy to operate

4.  Lightweight and portable for family travel use at anytime and any where

5.  The hose type oxygen inhaler is convenient for oxygen supply, simple and practical

6.  Silent environmentally friendly, DC brushless motor, pure physical oxygen;

7.  oxygen concentration is not only green and safe,but also security and widely use. Suitable for different groups of people;

8.  Humanity setting airflow is suitable, making the breathe more soft:

9.  Standard package: International universal voltage adapter;

Optional package: Dedicated rechargeable battery and charger, suitable for home and travel

                                                                                                         -------Perfect design, Good performance


Technical Parameters:

Air flow per minute: about 3 +/- 0.2% L/min (at standard atmospheric pressure)

Oxygen concentration: 29 +/- 2% (ambient temperature 20C / standard atmospheric pressure)

Product size: 260mm (L) * 110mm (W) * 170mmLH)

Host weight: about 2.0KG

Curing weight (including lithium battery): about 24KG

Power consumption: average is no more than 32W

This machine is dedicated adapter: AC100-240V 50-60Hz

For the host: DC12-17V noise: <50dB


omponent introduction:

1,Ear type oxygen inhaler

2,main oxygen concentrator

3,Oxygen outlet

4,Oxygen hose

5,Mold box


7,Host power plug


Operation guide: 


1.1  Assembly of new machines

1.11 A simple assembly is required to the new machine which has been just purchased, then it can be used. For convenient transport, the oxygen inhaler are packaged separately and then shipped along with the main unit.


1.12 Taking out all parts of the machine firstly, and connect the oxygen inhaler to the oxygen outlet on the main unit by the oxygen hose.

1.13 Follow the above steps to complete the pipe connection work.

1.14 Connect the power cord to the adapter, then plug the adapter DC output ellipse plug into the mains socket, and plug the dual-ended power cord into the power outlet to complete the power connection.


1.15 If choose a rechargeable battery, simply connect the rechargeable battery cable to the power socket.

1.2 Operation Guide ON/OFF 121 is powered on, and the control panel has no indication, as shown in the figure:

1.22 Press button 2 when using ,the machine start to work.

When the number 15 indicator lights up, shows that the machine will work for 15 minutes.Then press button 1 again, the number 30 indicator lights up, and 15 indicates is off , shows that the machine will work regularly for 30 minutes;

Then Press button 1 once again. The number 60 indicator lights up, and the 30 indicator lights off. The machine will work for 60 minutes.

If press button 1 at this time. The indicator light is all on, shows that the machine will cycle for more than 8 hours.

After the set time is over, the corresponding time indicator 15.30.60 is completely extinguished and the machine&rsquo;s work is finished.

1.23 When the machine is working, the direct button 2. The corresponding time indicator lights are all off. The whole work is over


Note: 1 This machine is equipped with a power adapter as standard. If you need to move the power, please purchase a rechargeable battery separately.

2. If using the rechargeable battery to move or oxygen, please charge the battery according to the requirements of the battery; if it is not used for a long time, the battery should be opened.

3. When the rechargeable battery is stored for a long time, be sure to charge the battery, otherwise the battery function will be damaged.

turn on.


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