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Home Use Oxygen Generator Concentrator 2 L / Min 40% - 95% Oxygen Purity


Home Use Oxygen Generator Concentrator 2 L / Min 40% - 95% Oxygen Purity

The machine color will be the grey

Product Details:

Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:COZING, Neutral or KOZING
Certification:CFDA, CE
Model Number:KOZING-OX02H 

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:10 units
OEM and ODM minimum order quantity 500pcs
Packaging Details:1pc/gift box , 2pcs/Carton
Delivery Time:7 workign days
Payment Terms:T/T, Western union                          , MoneyGram, paypal
Supply Ability:5000pcs/month

Detailed Product Description

Item:Low Noise Medical Oxygen Generator Portable , Medicare And Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Noise:The Noise Is Less Than 45db
Feature:Low Noise, Mute Motor, Physical Oxygen Generation
Oxygen Purity:Adjustable Oxygen Flow 1L/min--5L/min Oxygen Purity 30percent--90%
Oxygen Generate Method:PSA
The Oxygen Purity:Range From 40%-95% Can Be Adjusted
Size:Portable To Carry, Smart Light Body Only 6KG


Note: dear buyer, this is a suppermentary medical equipment and

innot intended for serious disease or those who stay alive solely on medical oxygen.

I. What`s the Advantage of the electric oxygen concentrator ?

1.Adjustable Oxygen Flow 1L/min--5L/min Oxygen purity 30percent--90%

2.Support continuous oxygen throughout the day,can continuously work 24 hours

3.Double excellent filtering performance

4.Intelligent control is convenient to use

5.Mute design more comfortable

6.Add Shockproof mat more secure

7.Bacteria filter oxygen more safe

8.Portable to carry, smart light body only 6.5KG

9. The french imported molecule seieve.

10. Hot sale Home use mini portable oxygen concentrator generator oxygen making machine with car adaptor

PSA Portable Oxygen Generator , 50kPa - 106kPa Atmospheric Pressure Home Use Oxygen Concentrator


II What`s the Working Environment?

Working Temperature:5degree--40degree



III. What`s the oxygen purity ?

PSA Portable Oxygen Generator , 50kPa - 106kPa Atmospheric Pressure Home Use Oxygen Concentrator

 IV. What`s the Safety Precaution?

Don`t smoking beside the oxygen generator.

1.Do not stop the appliance by directly disconnecting the power supply.

2.Children or handicapped should be looked after while the appliance is in operation in order to avoid physical hazards.

3.Ensure that the area is well ventilated while the appliance is in operation.

4. Keep the fan and side air inlet clear from obstacles and clean the filter regularly depending on the usage frequency ,but never be over 6 months.

5.Damaged electrical cable must be replaced by the wire designated or provided by authorized distributor or the manufacturer.

6.Prevent any liquid substance from entering the appliance. If this happens, cease the operating appliance and contact competent technicians for repair.

7.Do not tilt the appliance when the appliance is in operation to avoid collision between the compression pump and case, excessive noise and wobble.

The adapter is specialized for the appliance.Change to other specifications will result in uncertain operation or damage togenerating unit.


V. What`s the feature of the oxygen concentrator?

■ Healthier: can insulate the bacterium and bug in the air effectively.

■ More quickly: the film with much oxygen can apart 90% pure oxygen.

■ More convenient: the small type is easy to take ,it is convenient for office, home

■ More comfortable: the design is very convenient for drawing on and getting off.

■ More intimate: failure alarm and without electricity alarm

■ More safety :Our oxygen generator adopt molecular sieve principle. It can produce high purity of oxygen continuously.


VI. What`s the function of Oxygen Concentrator Generator ?

1. The oxygen concentrator generator Promotes nice healthy skin

2. The oxygen concentrator generator Improves blood circulation

3. The oxygen concentrator generator Increases heightens concentration, alertness and memory

4. The oxygen concentrator generator Increases energy and stamina

5. Boost the immune system

6. The oxygen concentrator generator Lessens chronic fatigue syndrome

7. Ideal for pregnant women

8. The oxygen concentrator generator Relieves temporary altitude discomfort

9. The oxygen concentrator generator Speeds up the body's recovery after physical exertion

10.The oxygen concentrator generator Calms your mind and stabilizes your nervous system

11.Improves sleep and mood

12. Elegant appearance and light weight

13. No oil air compressor to ensure the environmental protection.

14.There are four filters to assure the oxygen clean and fresh

15. Muffler inside to make sure the low noise level

16. 24hrs/7 works and 10 years service life for molecular sieve

VII. What`s the Maintenance ?

1. The housing of the appliance is smooth and glossy and should be prevented from scratches by sharp edges.

2. For cleaning of the appliance, soft cloth damped with water can be used. Never use corrosive or organic solvent. Otherwise the cleaned surface will lose luster. 3. When the generating unit finishes the operating, disconnect the power supply promptly.

4. Do not modify the appliance to avoid influencing the outlet and inlet of the air and resulting in negative effect to the appliance performance.

5. Only authorized technician can handle the interior piping system.

6. If the appliance does not work properly, check the appliance under the guide of Trouble Shooting. If the trouble shooting does not work, contact the local retailer for technical resistance. If the appliance is beyond warranty coverage, cost fee will be charged for replacement parts and materials.

7. Water build up in the capsule should be immediately.

8. The filter of the generating unit should be cleaned regularly, usually once every 3 months. Remove the filter, then clean the filter with detergent and rinse the filter with clean water finally dry it and reinstall it.


VIII.Troubleshooting ?

1.Only in initial period, the generating unit and oxygen hose might produce slight ordor.

2.If the appliance is not placed on solid place, excessive noise might be generated.

3.Tilt ,upend the appliance, excessive noise and wobble might be generated.

4.The generating unit might be stopped power supply by adapter to protect the system in a long time operation. The appliance will continue to operate in several minutes.

5.When the ambient temperature below 20 degree, the appliance will automatically preheat, which will increase the outlet air flow and generate excessive noise. The state will disappear in several minutes.

IX. Item Description

NameMini Oxygen Concentrator Generator device / oxygen concentrator portable / mini portable oxygen concentrator for Home and Car Travel trip

220V±22V, 50Hz±Hz

110V, 60Hz

G.W 6.5kg
Oxygen flow rate1-5L/Min can be adjusted
Oxygen concent>94% (under 1L oxygen flow rate)
oxygen generat methodPSA
Storage conditionsTemperature-40°C-55°C, humidity<80%
oxygen density> 90%
Atmospheric pressure50kPa-106kPa
Oxygen purityRange from 30%-90%

X. Delivery :

FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples or MOQ order, Door-to-Door

By Air or by Sea for bulk order, for FCL; Airport/ Port receiving

Customers specifying freight forwarders or other negotiable shipping methods

Delivery Time: 2-3 days for samples and MOQ order; 7-30days for bulk order

XI. Payment Terms

Payment: T/T, Western union                          , PayPal

Once you paid the sample fee, please send us your address, phone no. post code

Visa and Master Card

For order up to 10CBM or value reach USD10 000, irrevocable L/C is accepted.

XII. Warranty Terms

All of our product, warranty is one year

Before shipment, it will be inspected, to ensure each one is working

Before shipment, the packing picture of product will be sent for checking



customized customer's logo, manual, and packing box is accepted, but the minimum order quantity is not less than 200PCS

XIV : Oxygen packing list :

The standard parts including : Remote controller, manual, oxygen tube , oxygen generator , earphone type oxygen inhaler, nasal suction oxygen, atomizer

If you need the Automotive electrical source , dual person used nasal suction oxygen , you shall bear the extra cost and inform us in advance