Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

Home Knee Pain Relief Device Instrument with the Cold Laser / Infrared Light Therapy and Massage


Home Knee Pain Relief Device Instrument With The

 Cold Laser / Infrared Light Therapy And Massage





  • Kneading massage

  • Far infrared thermal therapy

  • Red light therapy

  • Low level laser therapy


Keen pain device indications: 

Ankle pain, knee pain, joint swelling, sports injuries, sports sprain, Arthritis pain, knee pain, joint swelling, joint pain, arthritis , osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis shoulder pain and so on


What's the advantage?

1.LCD touchable display.

2. Humanized design, with 90 degree shape, it suit for the keen, elbow and ankle; belt is flexible, suit for various keen.

3. During the treatment, NO need hand held.

4. Small size and easy to carry.

5. physiotherapy rehabilitation at home, no side effect, no trauma.

6. The knee pain relief machine functions including red light therapy, low level laser therapy, Kneading massage and far infrared thermal therapy, the treatment efficiency is obviously.




1. Laser light penetration is 1cm to 7cm , it could promote blood circulation, and the laser energy could absorbed quickly by the cells, thus the damaged tissue and cells can be repaired. 

2. Laser light therapy: improve blood rheology parameters by laser light irradiation, to eliminate the inflammation, reduce the blood viscosity and blood lipid; activating the blood cells, improve the cells deformability and oxygen carrying capacity, improve the blood flow and viscosity; Accelerate the cells metabolism and growth ,and also speed up wound healing.

3. The kneading massage: dredging the channel, relieve knee pain.


What's the Taboo?

1.Please do not use the device when sleeping(to prevent burn; If your knee is bleeding and swelling, please consult the doctor before using.

2.People with rheumatoid arthritis should consult the doctor before using. This device is a home use health care products. Can not used for diagnose or cure disease.

3.If you feel pain , please stop using the device.

4.People with Traumatic swelling,bacterial infection,any other special inflammation should consult the doctor before using.

5.Pregnant,children,or people with any other special skin abnormal are forbidden to use the device.

6.During the treatment ,please use the equipment close to your skin without clothes; If you wear the clothes for the treatment ,please do not wear deep color clothes to avoid burn your clothes.

7.In the process of using,if you feel high press,please long press the button”on/off”or just pull up the power plug.