Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

Drug ( Heroin / Morphine etc ) Addiction Physiotherapy and Rehab Device




What's the Functions of the drug addiction laser? 

1. Treatment the drug addiction and drug addiction withdrawal symptoms.

2. Improve the body immunity and metabolism. 

3. And Improve the drug addiction recurrence symptoms , such as the tears, runny nose, yawning, sweating, hot and cold, restlessness, headache, insomnia, generalized pain, nausea, vomiting and goose bumps etc.

The drug addiction laser device advantages as following: 

1. Portable, compact, easy to carry, and can be used at any place. 

2. Physical therapy method, no side effect, no trauma . 

3. The treatment efficiency is very obvisouly , and positive clinical trail proved.

5. Build in lithium battery , durable , and can be repeat usage. 

6. Low level laser therapy, safety usage. 

Clinical Results:

Method: Randomly divide 40 addicts into 2 groups .

Group A: using COZING-BQ02

Group B: Another 20 drug addicts no treatment no medicine, only rely on patient's own immunity to quit drug addiction.


Group A: 20 drug addicts is use the COZING-USBN(A) 

Group B: 20 drug addicts As the drug rehabilitation center treatment methods.

Evaluation Standards:

According to the severity of drug addiction recurrence symptoms, the score is higher, the symptom is more severe. 


Group A: 20 drug addicts is use the COZING-USBN(A)

Group B: 20 drug addicts As the drug rehabilitation center treatment methods.

The hemorheology in preventing and diagnosing diseases has been emphasized by more and more medical workers, many diseases are accompanied with the abnormal blood flow, if not corrected in time can cause hemodynamic changes,tissues and organs disorders, etc  pathophysiological changing. 

Eventually leads to high blood viscosity, multi-system organs failure. Long term drug addicts would suffer from the body functions damages, blood rheology indicators are always higher than normal, through the above two methods to treat drug addicts respectively


1. Adopts low-level laser irradiation which is painless, non-invasive, no side effects and has good, rapid effects.

2. The instrument do not contain pharmaceutic and chemical component. Laser treatment fundamentally enhance the detoxifying capacity and improve the body immunity.

3. It's a household portable instrument.

4. Extra laser head and jackets provided to the treatment more cleaner and healthier.

6. Wireless, portable

7. Excellent treatment efficiency is positive clinical trail proved.