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Portable Oxygen Generator 


Household portable Oxygen concentrator / Home use portable oxygen generator / 1L Oxygen generator
What`s the Application Range of the Household portable Oxygen concentrator / Home use portable oxygen generator / 1L Oxygen generator  ?
The instrument is used for health care.

What`s the Main Technical?

ITEMHousehold portable Oxygen concentrator / Home use portable oxygen generator / 1L Oxygen generator
Voltage/Frequency: 110V/220V ± 22V,50Hz/60Hz ± 1Hz
G.W6.5 kg
Gas channels:1
Oxygen Output Pressure:0.04 ~ 0.06 MPa
Oxygen flow rate:(0 ~ 5) L / min
Moisture content:≤ 0.07g/m3
Carbon dioxide content: ≤ 0.01%
Flow adjustment range:continuously adjustable under the flow rate: (0 ~ 5) L / min; tolerance should be ± 10%
Noise: <60dB (A)
Storage conditions: tTemperature -40 °C ~ 55 °C, humidity ≤ 80%, atmospheric pressure 50 kPa ~ 106kPa

III. What`s the working theory of the portable oxygen concentrator ?
 1. Molecular sieve: Molecular sieve is the aluminosilicate crystals  produced by means of artificial hydrothermal synthesis, which is divided into different models according to its different Si-Al-ratio. Based on the size of the internal cavities inside the crystal, it may accordingly adsorb or exclude different molecules, and decide the sequence of absorption by different molecular polarity and relative polarizable extent of substances, therefore lead to a separation. So it’s called "molecular sieves."
2. The principle of pressure swing absorption: molecular sieve generates different absorption capacity to different gases, and it has a very strong absorption capacity to certain gas. Meanwhile, the molecular sieve’s absorption capacity to the selected gas is related to the environmental pressure, the greater is the environmental pressure, the stronger is its absorption capacity to the selected gas.
3. The principle of oxygen-making: The oxygenator get use of the molecular sieve’s character that the internal pressure of a sealed container containing of molecular sieve will increase when injecting air into it. At this time, the molecular sieve will absorb a lot of nitrogen in the air with the increasing of ambient pressure, while the oxygen in the air is still existed in gaseous form, then the oxygen are collected through some pipelines. This process is called "absorption" process. When the nitrogen absorption process in the container reaches a certain level, then exhaust of the vacuum container and nitrogen will be released from molecular sieve with the ambient pressure decreases. This process is called "desorption" process.
IV. What`s the oxygen generator feature ?
• Healthier: can insulate the bacterium and bug in the air effectively.
• More quickly: the film with much oxygen can apart 90% pure oxygen.
• More convenient: the small type is easy to take ,it is convenient for office, home
•  More comfortable: the design is very convenient for drawing on and getting off.
•  More intimate: failure alarm and without electricity alarm
•  More safety :Our oxygen generator adopt molecular sieve principle. It can produce high purity of oxygen continuously.

V. Delivery :
• FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples or MOQ order, Door-to-Door
• By Air or by Sea for bulk order, for FCL; Airport/ Port receiving
• Customers specifying freight forwarders or other negotiable shipping methods
• Delivery Time: 2-3 days for samples and MOQ order; 7-30days for bulk order

VI. Payment Terms
• Payment: T/T, Western union    , PayPal
• Once you paid the sample fee, please send us your address, phone no. post code
• Visa and Master Card
• For order up to 10CBM or value reach USD10 000, irrevocable L/C is accepted.

VII.  Warranty Terms
• All of our product, warranty is one year
• Before shipment, it will be inspected, to ensure each one is working
• Before shipment, the packing picture of product will be sent for checking

• customized customer's logo, manual, and packing box is accepted, but the minimum order quantity is not less than 200pcs