Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

COZING Newest 2 IN 1 Laser Therapeutic Apparatus Low Frequency 650nm Nasal Allergic Rhinitis Tinnitus Relief Treatment Device




Place of Origin
Hubei, China
Instrument classification
Class II
Brand Name
Model Number
Product name
semiconductor laser treatment instrument
Allergic rhinitis and Tinnitus
Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Equipment
Laser Therapy Instrument
Laser wavelength
Terminal laser output mode
Input Power
Product details


Adjustable frequency.

Color, wavelength, power can be customized.

Nasal Appplicator:

1.Allergic rhinitis, Chronic rhinitis, Nasosinusitis, Atrophic rhinitis, Turbinate hypertrophy, kinds of rhinitis patients
2.Chronic pharyngitis
3.Tinnitus,otitis media,sudden deafness, vertigo
4. Reducing High Blood Fat, Reducing High Blood Viscosity, adjuvant therapy and prevent the Ischemic Cardio-Cerebrovascular Disease.ect.

Ear Applicator:

1.Otitis media, deafness, tinnitus, Meniere's syndrome.

2.Nasal appplicator and ear applicator can be used at the same time.

3.It can be customized.

You can choose one nasal appplicator and one ear applicator, or two nasal appplicators, or even two ear applicators.

Product Features
Touchable screen .

The frequency data can be as your demand, 1 Hz, 2Hz to 999Hz are all as your demand.

Lock display functions.

If the program in the processing, and put the device in the pocket, then we can lock the display to avoid the program is gone.

Easy usage and intelligent design.

Treatment Principle

How does laser treat rhinitis? (Nasal Applicator)

1. The Rhinitis Therapeutic Instrument mainly adopts the special soft laser light (650nm) which can get through the nasal mucosa of the human body.

2. The soft laser light is featured mild working rate and could be fully and safety absorbed by the nasal tissue ofthe human body.
3. This kind of laser light has a special repair function to the nasal mucosa of the rhinitis patients.
4. The repaired nasal mucosa could secrete antibacterial material including lysozyme as normal mucosa and restart the normal cleaning function of the swinging cilia on the nasal mucosa.
5. The treatment method of Rhinitis Therapeutic Instrument is based on the fundamental principle of repairing and improving the body's natural immune system.
6. Quickly remediate the wounded surface through irradiating the surface of the damaged mucous membrane; improve the partial blood circulation around the nasal cavities and the immunological competence of the nasal mucosa membranes through irradiating the the nasal mucosa, thereby playing a good role in treating allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, nasal sinusitus and the like.

How does the laser treatment tinnitus? (Ear Applicator)

1. The prevailing view is that the respiratory chain plays a central role in the effects of laser treatment. Laser energy in red and near-infrared spectra ability to penetrate tissue. It stimulates mitochondria in cells to produce energy by producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

2. Mitochondria,It is the power source for all batteries, they metabolize fuel and generate energy for cells in the form of ATP.

3. According to reports, LLLT exposure increased the production of ATP. Increased ATP production may lead to increased cellular metabolism, promote damage recovery, and restore cells to health, State and reverse many degradation conditions.

4. For ear diseases, low-intensity lasers have been reported to alter collagen tissue in the cochlea. Especially in the basement membrane. Besides, LLLT has a beneficial effect on the recovery of cochlear hair cells after acute hair loss, which can increase cells.

5. Proliferation, synthesis of ATP and collagen, the release of growth factors, promotion of local blood flow in the inner ear and activation of repair mechanisms the inner ear is stimulated by photochemical and photophysical stimulation of hair cell mitochon.

Technical indexes:
Model :
Laser Medium:
GaAlAs Semiconductor aser
Treatment Method:
Physical Therapy
Wave length:
Laser Penetration:
Product Dimension:
Atmospheric Pressure:
1 years
Bulb Watt:
Battery voltage :
Environment Temperature:
Lithium battery capacity:
Clinical Result
After about 30 mins irradiation treatment, blood-red cells will be activated, become single, active, healthy and normal.
After about 30 days of treatment, headache, dizziness, chest tightness, numbness tinnitus and other symptoms will disappear.
After about 3 months of treatment, you can do blood detect, or CT detect, high blood pressure, high blood viscosity, high cholesterol will get back to a normal level. Otitis Media deafness, tinnitus or Meniere's syndrome will have a big improvement.