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Portable Laser Comb COZING-C03


Laser Comb

                                                                  Model: COZING-C03

Introduction of COZING Laser Comb

The COZING Laser Comb is a home-use laser device that has been Clinically Proven to treat heredity hair loss in men and women. The Laser Comb is an over-the-counter (OTC) device that can be sold directly to the public. COZING comb laser is clinically proven to treat hair loss for both men and women.

Low-level laser therapy is a non-invasive, safe, and clinically proven way to stimulate hair follicles to grow thicker and fuller hair without negative side effects. COZING comb laser uses Low-level laser to treat balding, thinning hair and receding hairline.


The COZING Laser Comb is indicated to treat Alopecia, and promote hair growth in females who have Ludwig (Savin) I-4, II-1, II-2, or frontal patterns of hair loss and in males who have Norwood Hamilton Classifications of II a to V and who both have Fitzpatrick Skin Types I to IV.  


Anyone who wants to grow thicker, fuller, and healthier-looking hair.

Anyone who has a family history of alopecia and wants to prevent or stop the progression of hair loss.

Anyone who is willing to invest the time to be consistent with the every other day treatments to regrow his/her hair back.

Anyone who is looking for a drug-free, non-invasive, and clinically proven way to combat thinning hair.

Anyone who is using other hair growth products (such as supplements, shampoo, pills, topicals) and wants to achieve better results.


Anyone who is looking for an instant solution to grow back hair overnight (remember: this process takes time and patience).

Anyone who is bald or has been bald for years (this is often a sign that the follicles are no longer alive).

Anyone who not willing to invest time & effort in regrowing his/her hair.

COZING Laser Comb Benefits

A clinical study was conducted in men and women over a six month time period. The study showed that 90% of the men and women had an increase in the number of hairs (based on a minimum of 32 new hairs per square inch being observed at follow up).

How the Laser Comb works

The Laser Comb works by providing laser energy to stimulate hair follicles.

For optimal results, the laser must not be blocked by the hair and must have an unobstructed path to the scalp. The Laser Comb has teeth that part the hair and allow the maximum amount of laser energy to reach the scalp.

How to use the COZING LASER COMB?

1. To promote the absorption of nutrients, laser is a kind of cold laser, which does not harm hair. It is neither a chemical nor a drug, but its penetration is incomparable with any chemical liquid or drug, which overcomes the weakness of previous chemical hair development liquid that can not fully penetrate into hair roots.

2. Accelerating the blood circulation of scalp, improving the regeneration ability of collagen fibers, and promoting metabolism laser can increase the activity of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in subcutaneous tissue. Adenosine triphosphate is the main mediator of intercellular transmission capacity and promotes tissue metabolism. So laser can help improve blood circulation, send oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles, and prevent hair loss.

3. Effective killing of pathogenic bacteria, with the assistance of drugs, can kill fungi and mites hidden deep in hair follicles. The heat effect of matte light eliminates the pathological process of inflammation through the response of nerve and body fluids, restores the physiological balance that was destroyed, improves the local and systemic disease resistance, activates the function of immune cells, strengthens the phagocytic function of white blood cells and reticular endothelial cells, and achieves the purpose of anti-inflammatory and bacteriostasis.

4. Regulating excessive oil secretion is also the cause of hair loss. The main reason for excessive oil secretion is sebaceous gland problems, and the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) contained in oil will make hair follicles small, even atrophy, leading to hair loss. Laser can dredge sebaceous ducts, reduce and control oil secretion, and improve hair loss.

5. Promoting the absorption of nutrients by laser penetration is incomparable to any chemical liquid or drug, which overcomes the weakness of previous chemical hair development fluids that can not fully penetrate into hair roots. When irradiated, hair follicles can be opened to facilitate drug absorption. The heat effect of matte light increases skin temperature, decreases sympathetic nerve capacity, releases vasoactive substances, dilates blood vessels, speeds up blood flow, improves blood circulation, enhances tissue nutrition, activates tissue metabolism, improves cell oxygen supply, and strengthens cell regeneration ability.



Do not stare directly at the red laser light or its reflection in a mirror because it can temporarily irritate your eyes. If you stare at the light for too long, it could harm your eyes. Also, never use a magnifying glass when using the Laser Comb because it can cause temporary irritation to your eyes.

1. Keep the Laser Comb out of the reach of children.

2. Do not use the Laser Comb near any heated surfaces because this could cause the device not to work properly and may cause an electrical shock.

3. Laser light - avoid direct eye exposure.



If you are taking any medications or products that make you sensitive to light, you should test

the Laser Comb to make sure you do not have a reaction. Some of the things that can cause

increased sensitivity to the Laser Comb could be medicines for colds, allergies, pain medicine

and drugs to treat infections. To test the Laser Comb for sensitivity, turn the device on, hold the

device on one spot, shining the light on your forearm.

After two minutes, turn the device off and set aside.

Look at the spot where you held the laser light over the next five minutes. If you see any reaction such as redness or rash, do not use the Laser Comb.

1. Only use the Laser Comb as directed. Do not try to change the way the Laser Comb operates.

    Changes may result in harmful laser exposure.

2. Never use acetone or other solvents on any part of the Laser Comb. Use of solvents on the window can block the laser light from coming through.



COZING Laser Comb has been clinically tested on both men and women. In the clinical study for men, 5% of the men said they had itching or tingling from using the Laser Comb. None of the women in the clinical study reported any of these side effects from using the Laser Comb. If you have itching, tingling or any other side effect that bothers you, stop using the Laser Comb.

Before beginning treatment, be sure to test the COZING Laser Comb for sensitivity. Turn the device on, hold the Laser Comb on one spot, shining the light on your forearm. After two minutes, turn the device off and set aside. Look at the spot where you held the laser light over the next five minutes.

If you see any reaction such as redness or rash, do not use the COZING Laser Comb.