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Breast Light Screening Device for the Breast Cancer Early Detection Women Self Examination


Breast light screening device for the breast cancer early detection women self examination

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Breast light detection device functions: 

1.It could help the women self examination breast at home.

-The infrared light scanner could detect the women breast abnormal situation, women could detect it by themselves at household.

-This breast light screening device works by shining a bright light through the breast tissue, which a convenient and very safe device, and you will feel comfortable while using this device. The Breast light detection device could guide you to see the inside of the breast.

-Self-examination provides an opportunity to dispel several apprehensions that may occur with unusual changes in breast.Every ailment should be detected at proper time for better understanding especially when it comes to a disease like Cancer. So do it , to test ourselves, but not count on others only.

-Early detection of breast cancer makes it easy to proceed towards treatment. Self-examination provides an opportunity to dispel several apprehensions that may occur with unusual changes in breast.

2. Checking the breast whether have Breast hyperplasia,acute mastitis,chronic mastitis,breast fibroadenoma

breast cancer or other breast diseases.

The COZING-XS01 Female Breast Light Screening Device advantages:




The breast light detection feature:

1.Easy to carry, portable
2.The operation is humanized
3.Brilliant design
4.No side effect, no trauma,no cross infection
5.It's combine the physiotherapy and diagnosis into one instrument
6.The infrared laser light could also check the breast situation, but also for the skin beauty and physical therapy
7.The clinical test proved that, Breast light detection device is the Earlier Cancer Detection Device

1.When breast injury or breast skin is injured, please DON'T use the scanner.
2.DON'T use the scanner when you are allergic to the plastic products.

1. The examine results will be difference according to the various body, please compare the results with yourself.
2.Please inspect once a month, each time within 7 to 10 days after the EMMENIA.