Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

​2024 COZING Healthy 650Nm Red Light Vibrator Vaginitis Treatment Cervical Erosion Vaginal Red Light Therapy


2024 COZING Healthy 650Nm Red Light Vibrator Vaginitis Treatment Cervical Erosion Vaginal Red Light Therapy


1.User Group:

Youth ladies

Women aged 30-50 or who suffer from sexual pain

• Improve Dry and relaxation vaginal;
• Vaginal Tightening ( Birth Canal rehabilitation);
• Immune Enhancer vagina;
• Postpone menopause;
• Eliminate Odors and pruritus;
• Treat Stress Incontinence;

• Sterilize vaginal bacteria (Colitis) such as Coccus, Bacillus or Albicans saccharomyces, also repair the vaginal mucosa.

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3.Benefits of laser treatment for postmenopausal genital atrophy
1.The light can be selected, red or blue or red&blue as the options .
2.Remote controller controlled.
3.Timer can be setted.
4.36pcs laser diode, the top has the 3 diode inside, thus it can effectively treatment the Vaginal part .
5.Small size, compact and easy to usage.
6.Another cover to avoid the tube polluted after the clean.

7.It has massage or non massage models as the options.

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4. COZING-W05 Technical Parameter:

Model Number:COZING-W05
Instrument classification: Class I
Battery Capacity:1800mAh lithium battery can be chargeable
Wavelength: Dual chips diode,650nm laser *21pcs+650nm
Application 1:Sterilize / Vaginal Tightening/Cervical erosion
Application 2:Birth Canal rehabilitation/Dry and relaxation vagina
Application 3:Vaginitis/Detox/eliminate odors and pruritus
Medium:Semiconductor laser
Operation:Remote control

5.How does the COZING-W05 laser treatment for postmenopausal genital atrophy work?

Vaginal tissue, such as skin, can experience laxity as women age or go through childbirth. Microcirculation and blood flow in vaginal and urethral tissues decrease with menopause, and the decline in estrogen negatively impacting vaginal hydration and bladder function. The current rationale for treating the vaginal tissue with PBMT is to stimulate synthesis of collagen and elastin in the vaginal tissue and supporting urethrovaginal sphincter and urethra, as well as promoting vasodilation in the vaginal and urethral submucosa.

COZING-W05 uses the application of gentle heat and photonic and vibrational energy to the vagina, which are technologies already used in other medical devices and have a long history of safe use. COZING-W05 device is designed to help stimulate tissue healing, reduce inflammation, restore cellular function, enable biosynthesis of new collagen fibers, and promote vasodilation thereby increasing circulation to the vaginal tissue, for improved vaginal health and temporary improvement of SUI symptoms.

Clinical Result:
The results of a preliminary study of the effects of the use of the COZING-W05 and controlled exercises on the perineal floor of postmenopausal women.Two groups of eight postmenopausal women with symptoms of vaginal dryness were recruited. All patients previously underwent laser treatment for vaginal dryness with excellent results. The PBMT group received eight treatments with the COZING-W05 at a frequency of two sessions weekly in the clinic along with exercises guided by a perineometer over 1 month. The control group received the exercises alone guided by the perineometer twice weekly for a total of eight treatments over the course of 1 month. Subjective improvement was evaluated by visual analog scale (VAS) scores for dyspareunia.

Particularly at wavelengths in the red range, activates cytochrome c oxidase and increases mitochondrial electron transport, leading to an increase in adenosine triphosphate (ATP).Photoacceptors in the tissue cells' mitochondria absorb red and NIR light, inducing a cascade of events resulting in the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), nitric oxide (NO), and reactive nitrogen species.Healing is affected by upregulation of specific substrates and inhibition of others. Collagen production is stimulated, various cytokines are upregulated, and inflammatory cytokines are downregulated by photobiomodulation. Upregulation of cytochromes, other transport and energy compounds, enhances the activities of various cellular components in the local wound milieu.

Q:How does the COZING-W05 light therapy benefit your vagina?
A:Third-party clinical studies concluded that because an LED can penetrate the vaginal and urethral canals to rebuild collagen and elastin, users may experience better bladder function, improved vaginal tightness, a reduction in pain during intercourse, improved circulation (which improves sensation), and better natural lubrication.The COZING device is a 650nm laser to soothe perineal pain and accelerate wound healing.