Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

COZING 650nm+450nm Red blue Light Treatment for Cervical Erosion vagina area Light Therapy


COZING 650nm+450nm Red blue Light Treatment for Cervical Erosion vagina area Light Therapy


User Group:

Women after miscarriage or childbirth
Young childless women.

Unsanitary sexual activity for female

1.COZING-W04 Function:
-Alleviate symptoms of urinary tract atrophy, such as frequent urination, urgency, painful urination, and recurrent lower urinary tract sensatio.
-Improve Pelvic floor dysfunction diseases, such as stress urinary incontinence, etc.
-Changes in sexual quality of life, including pain, dryness during intercourse, and decreased libido

-Repair Cervical erosion.

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2.What are the advantages of COZING-W04?

1.The light can be selected, red or blue or red&blue as the options .
2.Remote controller controlled.
3.Timer can be setted.
4.45pcs diode, the top has the 3 diode inside, thus it can effectively treatment the Cervical erosion part .
5.Small size, compact and easy to usage.
6.Another cover to avoid the tube polluted after the clean.

7.It has massage or non massage models as the options.

3.How Does Vaginal LED Light Therapy Work?
Vaginal LED light therapy devices contain strong LED diodes that emit a combination of red and near-infrared light. The device is inserted into the vagina, which allows the LED light to shine on the vaginal tissue and penetrate into it. Red and near-infrared light can help stimulate tissue growth in the human body, which reverses the process of tissue breakdown found in vaginal atrophy.

COZING vaginal LED light therapy devices also heat up or vibrate, which helps to boost blood flow and further stimulate tissue regeneration. Stimulating growth in vaginal tissue helps to restore natural lubrication and makes them stronger, reducing urinary incontinence and pain felt during intercourse. By using a vaginal LED light therapy device, you can help reverse vaginal atrophy without having to undergo estrogen replacement therapy.

4.Clinical result:
An approved clinical study of Cozing was conducted in China to measure the safety and effectiveness of the COZING on management of GSM and investigated the current status for the use of PBMT for improved vaginal health and the temporary improvement of SUI symptoms.
The protocol provided for enrollment of 55 patients at one clinical site. A sample size of 45 patients provided 90% statistical power to detect pre-to-post effect size ≥0.5 with a paired t-test and two-sided alpha = 0.05. A total of 55 women were enrolled in the study and 48 patients completed the study as per protocol.

The results of this study demonstrated that multi-modal vaginal toning therapy with the Cozing-W04 device yielded clinically meaningful improvements in bladder symptoms, PFMS, and QoL in women with SUI. The device is designed to help stimulate tissue healing, reduce inflammation, restore cellular function, enable biosynthesis of new collagen fibers, and promote vasodilation thereby increasing circulation to the vaginal tissue, for improved vaginal health and temporary improvement of SUI symptoms.

5.Technical Parameter:
Model Number:COZING-W04
Product name :red light therapy
Wavelength:Dual chips diode,45pcs*LEDs,650nm+450nm
Each diode Max.power:20MW
Battery Capacity: Mild cervical erosion, cervicitis; mild non-specific vaginitis
Application:1800mAh lithium battery can be chargeable