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LED Photon Light Acne Therapy Wrinkle Remover Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device


 LED Photon Light Acne Therapy Wrinkle Remover Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device

Model: COZING-MR02

The Heating & Light device adapts 3 special wavelength photon and heating therapy to make whole treatment for skin acne/pimple and for skin rejuvenation. There are three phase for treating acne/pimple, remove acne, reduce acne spotm, and preventing acne replase. The technology of blue light 415nm wavelength and heating above 45-50 Celsius has good effect to kill the propionic acid acne bacillus which is the main factor of acne/pimple formation. It’s proved by the third lab that 95% effective, and 85% cure for treating. The red light and green light to be added in the device to help to reduce acne spot and pore bulky and preventing acne relapse.

1.It combine the 3 wavelength light and 14pcs led light into one device. You can select any wavelength as           your demand.
2.During the usage, wireless.
3.Standard charging , national patent protected technology.
4.The light probe shape is coordinate with the face skin well.
5.The device adapts new technology of transparent heating elements to make heating therapy and light               therapy at the same time and same place.
6. Excellent treatment efficiency, positive clinical trail proved.
7. Smart design, easy to operation

How to use:

1.Open the box, take out the machine, clean the treatment probe by cleanly cotton cloth.

   (New machine has power in battery please run out the power before recharging)

2.Long press ON/OFF key 3 second, indicate light flash back and forth and then the machine opened. 

   Now you can put the treatment head on the skin place where has acne. 

3.Press R key the light turn into red and heating working, press Y key the light turn into green, without               heating. You can put the treatment head on the skin place to make treatment when any lights on. The device     time setting for each treatment is 3 mins. When treatment finished, lights and heating stop working, and any     indicate light flashing. No operation within 5 seconds the device will turn off automatically.

Note: People will have different heating tolerance on skin, please move out to the sideways skin place when               feel too hot, about 5 seconds then move back to go on making treatment.

Blue light for acne removal
Red light for reducing acne spot after acne cured
Green light for preventing acne relapse after acne spot reduced, and the acne prophase
Tips: Each light use in different phase.


How long can I see the treatment efficiency?
Use once every 4 hours you can see the good effect within 2 days. Effect will come slowly if treatment times not enough.