Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

Portable Red Blue Led Light Therapy Device for the Beauty


Portable Red Blue Led Light Therapy Device 

for the Beauty 

Model: COZING-MR01


  • anti-inflammation, acne & scar eliminating, restrain skin, constringe pore, enhance skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles.

  • Each has its unique effects, make your skin more smooth, firming.

  • One device contains five functions: Vibrating massage+Red Light LED+Blue Light LED+Yellow Light LED+Purple Light LED.

Treatment Part:

Face , arm , thighs , breast , waist , abdomen , etc.


1.Stimulates the bodies own cellular mechanisms by photonmodulation

2.Non-invasive, no trauma safe therapy

3.No damage to sub-dermal tissue

4.Allows treatment of large areas such as the face and body

5.Simple to operate

6.Economically viable

7. Wireless

8. Easy to carry, mini size

9. 40 led light into 1 device, and 4 probe can be chosen

10 Build in is 850mAh battery, can be charged and repeat usage

11. The operation interface is humanized, easy to operate


What's the functions of the Color Light and Vibration massage?

1)Red Light: 650nm red light----One of the most powerful color to increase blood circulation, Stimulate skin      cell to generate collagen. After light therapy, skin is in the best condition to absorb nutrition of skincare            products. Can effectively reverse the mature skin, anti-aging, improve facial lines and wrinkles to achieve        firm & smooth texture.

Meanwhile, the red light has effect of removing edema. Working together with vibration massage, can act on the body slimming (such as abdominal, waist, arms, thighs and other parts) to lose weight, eliminate edema and the stretch marks.

2)Blue light: 470nm blue light---With a strong bactericidal function. Can kill propionibacterium acnes, has          excellent effect of cure acne, kill bacteria, help cure sensitive skin ,keep the skin clean and flawless.

3)Yellow light: 590nm yellow light ---High purity yellow light, can safely and effectively improve                        microcirculation and regulate cell activity, decompose the pigment,fade spot and freckles, promote the              lymph drain toxin, improve rough skin, thus inhibit the generation of pigment and freckles.

4) Purple light: 400nm purple light---Relaxing,improve Lymph Metabolism. Working together with vibration,       can be used for breast enhancement

5) Vibration massage---15000 times per time massage, promote the micro-circulation, eliminate swelling and       inflammation of skin. It helps to open the skin pores, let the light therapy penetrate into the skin.


General introduciton:

This portable LED light photon facial & body beauty device comes with vibrating massage and four interchangeable LED heads, one with all 40 red LEDs, one with all 40 blue LEDs, one with all 40 yellow LEDs and one with all 40 purple LEDs.

With the interchangeable LED heads, each color photon and vibration can work separately, they can also work together at the same time, used for facial and body beauty care.

Via micro USB port and built-in big-capacity design, it can be charged through any device with a USB port, thus you can make the beauty care at home, office, outdoor, anytime, anywhere.


Use frequency:

15-20 minutes each time, 1 time/day.


How to switch and install the LED head?

1.Press the Round button, meanwhile, you can unplug the LED head .

2. Align the two holes under the LED head with the fixing slots on the main apparatus, press it down and install it.