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What's the Treatment Range of The Keen pain device laser therapy device?

It has good treatment effect on the Golf wrist pain,tennies elbow pain, Rheumatoid arthritis, Arthritis ,Ankle pain,joint / knee / elbow / shoulder / wrist  pain, joint swelling, sports injuries, sports sprain and so on.

What`s the advantages of Keen pain device laser therapy device ?

What is the Specification of the Keen pain device laser therapy device ?

What's the Function of the Wavelengths of Red Light Therapy ?

Red LED light therapy is very popular today, especially for arthritis,  Rheumatoid arthritis, and pain relief.

Red light therapy uses wavelengths of light roughly between 620 nm and 700 nm. Popular wavelengths used in research and in-home products are 630 nm and 660 nm.

Regardless of claims of only "specific wavelengths" being effective, the whole range of visible red light wavelengths are effective and beneficial.  In fact, many devices today are including two or three of them instead of just one.

What's so special about LED RED LIGHT THERAPY?

Red LED light therapy is red light therapy, just using an LED light source instead of incandescent, fluorescent, or laser. But red LED light therapy does have some unique benefits of its own.

LEDs were NASA's choice for red light therapy when it brought the technique into space around the year 2000. They chose this technology for its low energy requirements, as well as its low heat emission and light weight.

Those same qualities made later research more accurate, and, to date, hundreds of studies from around the world have shown the benefits of red light therapy in the fields of arthritis,  Rheumatoid arthritis, and pain relief

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