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May. 13, 2017

Name: Daniel Adam z Veleslavína

Sex: Male

Country: Czech

Birth of date: 11/22/1948

Treatment: In 2006, I found something wrong with my body. Usually I have stroke, nocturia, blurry vision, dizzy, etc. I went to hospital and was diagnosed as hypertension. In April, 2012, I was in hospital due to the complication of hypertension. The doctor diagnosed the illness as high-risk hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetic nephropathy III, urinary infection, etc. After returning home, I insist medicine treatment and do more exercise according to the doctor’s advice, but I still not feel well.

In end June, 2012, I bought one laser treatment device. I thought maybe it can relieve my pain at first. Then after one-week treatment I found it cured my yearly constipation. I insisted the laser treatment from then on. Now I feel much better than before. I can eat and walk as usual, and it is so good. Now I have reduced the medicine, and even stop using some medicine.