Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

Intranasal Light Therapy Device

May. 13, 2017

Name: Yolanda 

Country: Peru


Sex: Female

Treatment: I am an illness woman. Every day, I feel pain in my body, especially the head. It feels like a balloon which is going to explode. Meanwhile, usually I feel my heart flustered and beating. The doctor diagnosed it as cerebral angiospasm, cardiac enlargement, and my blood pressure is 110°/170°. I have gallstones, sondylitis and lumbar illnesss, etc. After eating medicine for a long time, my stomach becomes painful, constipation and sleeplessness.


After using laser device produced by COZING MEDICAL, I feel much better now. It relieves my headache, and confort the heart. Now I feel painless, and reduce my heart medicine from 9 pills to 2 pills, and hypertension medicine stop to use it for 2 months. Thanks to laser device, thanks to COZING MEDICAL !

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