Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

Multi-functional pain relief laser treatment instrument COZING-T01B

Jun. 04, 2017

Case 1: 

Gender :Female

Age: 63  years old  

Country: Middle east 

Symptoms : osteoarthritis and hit pain

Hi ,Wing 

Oh! if long time.

I'm happy with COZING-T02, i love this machine.

I have been focused on solving problems within my family, all with very good results.

I explain, my mom suffers from osteoarthritis in various parts of the body, being the more critical your knees, hips and shoulder; when you have crisis, a few sessions and feels very relieved,

My brother is an athlete and has had a couple of hits that are cured with laser sessions.

ah! I would love to meet other success stories, experiences on the use of the fantastic T02. This will be possible? What do you think?

Is for my a great  pleasure, greet to you and i wait your response. (lol)


Case 2:


Age: Middle age


Hi, Lancy

My good friend , am very sorry I have not contacted you for long . First let me tell you that the COZING-T02 pain relief laser I bought from yor company is fantastic and work like magic, you have a good product in that machine.... ...

Your friend