Wrist Laser Therapeutic Apparatus

Infrared Light Magnetic Massage Hammer


Portable Battery Operated Infrared Electric Light Magnetic Massage Hammer

                                                                                                              Model: COZING-M02R/02P/02RT/02PT

COZING-M02 Massage hammeradvantages : 

1. Small size, portable, easy to use. 

2. Combine the tap massage , magnetic therapy and light therapy into one device.

3. COZING-M02 has fixed or telescope for option . 

4. The light therapy has 620nm~652nm red light or 400~405nm purple light for options 

5. Build in 400mAh lithium battery, can be chargeable and repeat usage. 

6. The newest item, huge potential market. 

The advantages massage hammer :

1. Massage functions : one end is the soft hammer, the body of the neck, shoulder, legs with the tap massage.

2. Light therapy functions: during the tap massage, turn on the light therapy, it could improve the massage functions.  

3. Magnetic therapy : another end is the magnetic ball, it can be tap on the body's neck, shoulder, legs and other parts as the massage. 

4. Combine the massage , magnetic and led light therapy into one device. 

360-degree rotation function, it could meet the different user different requirements. 

According to Traditional Chinese medicine regimen, massage hammer is embedded in biological magnetic therapy beads, it has a certain auxiliary massage function.It could stimulate the body and meridians by the physical methods, improve blood circulation and tissue nutrition, it help physiotherapy under the magnetic effect.

Technical Parameters:

Led number:4pcs 


620nm~625nm or 400nm~405nm 
Input: 5V, 1A 
Working voltage: 3.2V, 0.03A
Output power :90mW
Material : high class ABS and aviation aluminum