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Prostate therapy device Treatment Prostatitis Naturally For Men Home Use


 Prostate therapy device Treatment Prostatitis Naturally For Men Home Use


Relieve the MALE`S testis distending pain, perineum distending pain, groin distending pain and epididymis distending pain
Treatment the MALES` CHRONIC NON-BACTERIAL prostatitis caused frequent urination, urgent urination, urine difficulties , urine pain, etc., and other related symptoms ;
TIPS:venereal disease or Gonococcal infection caused prostate problems, please use the anti infections treatment in advance, then use prostate treatment instrument.

Clinical study:

SymptomAmountAfter 5 times of treatmentAfter 10 times of treatmentRemarkable effects Case  %Effective Case %Ineffective Case %
Obstruction of urination351552674.3514.3411.4
Urination stimulation451033578.0716.036.0
Pelvic pain241021770.8520.828.4
Unconscious urination 421250.0125.0125.0
Comprehensive evaluation108



1. The product combine, electronic pulse, thermotherapy and non invasive acupuncture into one device, to ensure  the excellent treatment efficiency. .
2. Use the theory of light power therapy: It can reach the prostate to diminish inflammation and detumescence.
3. No side-effect, safe and reliable.
4. Only one time usage, the user could see the urination incontinence symptoms will improved a lot. And the treatment is positive clinical trail proved. 
5. Physical therapy , non invasive, and the treatment efficiency is positive clinical trail proved.
6. CE certified.